We treasure all the resources on Earth! We will have the following arrangement:

To Reduce

In order to reduce waste, we recommend not to use air-con insulation wrap for packing the basket belts, and there will be no disposable utensils or cups provided by organizer. Below replacements are suggested:

Air-con insulation wrap → Used cloth/old clothing

Disposable Cup → Foldable reusable cup

(included in race pack provided by the Organizer)

Disposable utensils → Bring your own utensils

To Reuse

Event banners and signage used on race day will be produced by durable materials. And most of them will be reused every year.

To Recycle

There will be containers for collecting orange peel, banana peel and pear core. They will be delivered to organic farms as fertilizer.

Leftover Water

Unopened leftover water will be arranged as following:

18L: Will be sent to Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Tai Tung Pui Care & Attention Home

4.5L: Will be sent to 4 elderly homes:

Tung Fong Home for the Aged

Tung Fong Rehabilitation Home

Wong’s Old Age Nursing Home

Mary Help of Christians Church

Garbage Arrangement

The Organizer will cooperate with “The Green Earth”.

We recommend every participants to help with waste separation. Waste separation bins for bottles and cans will be placed at checkpoints and the Finish Point.

Collected bottles and cans will be recycled for raw materials.

Used paper will be collected and recycled as well.

Surplus Food

All the unconsumed food will be collected by Food Angel, benefiting the people in need.